Senoia Area Historical Society

Linking and Protecting Senoia Area History between past and future generations.  

Welcome to the Senoia Area Historical Society's online home!  Thank you for taking a moment to learn about us.

We are pleased and excited to share with you our passion for history and community.  To be added to the mailing list or to join please email:

The SAHS is all about having fun while at the same time preserving, sharing and enjoying the social history that has built Senoia.  Llike any town, there are a wealth stories, personalities and traditions.  All this has contributed to weaving the fabric of the community that today we all call home.  Each one us residing here, lives the story of what will create history for the next generation.  Lest we forget the past that brought us here, the SAHS strives to build on this awesome and fascinating foundation.

We hope you will enjoy these pages and links . . . and someday soon might join us to embrace the past, enjoy fully the present and build the future of Senoia.

" . . . got history?"